Certification Details of

Nermien A.

Ibrahim Ph.D.



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Certification Issuing Date:
Certification Expiration Date:
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Training of Trainers, Train the Trainer
Certified Trainer / HRD Consultant


Dr.Nermien Attia Ibrahim is a university professor at Zagazig University, Faculty of Medicine. Her main specialty is forensic medicine. Her second career and passion is training and development. Professor Nermien was involved with the National Center of Faculty and Leadership and conducted multiple programs in: professional soft skill training, -professional training of trainers, developing and reviewing training materials, training needs analysis and training evaluation.

She conducted 50+ TOT (Training of Trainer) programs in the Middle East and North African region for the IBCT, is an international auditor certifying training centers and participated as an international speaker in many HRD/HRD conferences.

Leadership Development
Organizational Behavior
Forensic Medicine
Curriculum Design

Certified Trainers / HRD Consultants earned their credentials by: - attending a total of 450+ contact hours of intensive skills training and passing a comprehensive, standardized exam, - possess a personal development plan to stay current as trainer, signed the IBCT Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and demonstrated proof of customer satisfaction with personally-conduct training sessions. Certification happens after strict summative and formative evaluation of knowledge, skills, trainer’s performance, and professional attitude. Recertification is required every 3 years.

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