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Rochester, NY

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Public Speaking
Associate Trainer


Julio Jordan understands the dynamics of relationships and is a leader, a listener and a lover of life! His passion is to motivate, inspire and accomplish what some say can't be done. Julio’s cup is always half full and my ambition and determination never waiver. A true optimist in every sense of the word. Adventurous yet stable but always willing to embrace change. He doesn’t care who gets the credit, Julio just want to win but even in defeat he remains resilient. At the end of the day he is someone you can trust and a straight shooter. With Julio as trainer: what you see is what you get!

Julio is an author, an actor, a coach, a trainer, a public relations specialist, a motivational speaker, a TV show host but his biggest accomplishment is being a father, friend and supporter of all things positive!


Associated Trainers (AT) earned their credentials by: - attending a total of 24-40+ contact hours of intensive skills training and passing a comprehensive, standardized exam, - possess a personal development plan to stay current as trainer and signed the IBCT Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Certification happens after strict summative and formative evaluation of knowledge, skills, trainer’s performance, and professional attitude. Recertification is required every 3 years.

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