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van Hulst M.Sc., MBA



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Talent Development
Certified Trainer / HRD Consultant


Jim van Hulst, certified by the Board since 2003, worked for several Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries, higher education and government institutions. Jim is a senior professional with over 36 years of professional experience in Leadership, Learning, and Development. In his career in talent development and as frequently asked speaker Jim has been active in many countries and regions around the world. His cultural awareness and empathy make people feel welcome and understand the purpose of the project in order to create a meaningful learning experience. Jim’s added value as consultant, trainer or interim manager lies in several expertises, like: leadership development, talent management, change management, digital transformation, eLearning, educational design, and learning technology.
A lifelong learning mindset really applies to Jim as he completed in 2020 his MBA, with distinction, on digital transformation and change.

Digital Transformation
Learning Technology
Change Management

Certified Trainers / HRD Consultants earned their credentials by: - attending a total of 450+ contact hours of intensive skills training and passing a comprehensive, standardized exam, - possess a personal development plan to stay current as trainer, signed the IBCT Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and demonstrated proof of customer satisfaction with personally-conduct training sessions. Certification happens after strict summative and formative evaluation of knowledge, skills, trainer’s performance, and professional attitude. Recertification is required every 3 years.

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