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Brockhausen Ph.D.


Sidney Area

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Molecular Neuroscience
Associate Trainer


Dr. Jennifer Brockhausen is a highly qualified specialist in human/mouse 3D organoid culture, derived from pulmonary, intestinal, liver and pancreatic tissue. In addition to pluripotent stem cell derived differentiation to endodermal lineages such as intestinal and pancreatic.

As IBCT Associate Trainer I provide lecture and lab training sessions for all new sales representatives, internal staff, distributors and help conduct in-house customer courses.

By liaising with our senior research scientists and other departments, I manage feedback and coordinate troubleshooting catered to the individual researcher.

Cell Biology
Research Support

Associated Trainers (AT) earned their credentials by: - attending a total of 24-40+ contact hours of intensive skills training and passing a comprehensive, standardized exam, - possess a personal development plan to stay current as trainer and signed the IBCT Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Certification happens after strict summative and formative evaluation of knowledge, skills, trainer’s performance, and professional attitude. Recertification is required every 3 years.

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