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Naguib Ph.D.


Beni Suef

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Certified Trainer / HRD Consultant


Dr. Ibrahim A. Naquib is currently professor of pharmaceutical analytical chemistry in College of Pharmacy, Taif University in Saudi Arabia. As educational professional Ibrahim had leadership responsibilities including; Director of International Relations Office (IRO) and Director of Faculty and Leadership FLDC training centre at Beni-Suef University in Egypt.
As seasoned leader with over 10 years of experience as certified trainer ‘under his belt’, Ibrahim conducted many training programs including, credit hours system, international publication of research, how to compete for a research fund, code of ethics, strategic planning, negotiation skills, communication skills, presentation skills, analytical thinking, entrepreneurship, time and meeting management and effective university management.

Faculty Development
Strategic Corporate Education
Training of Trainers

Certified Trainers / HRD Consultants earned their credentials by: - attending a total of 450+ contact hours of intensive skills training and passing a comprehensive, standardized exam, - possess a personal development plan to stay current as trainer, signed the IBCT Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and demonstrated proof of customer satisfaction with personally-conduct training sessions. Certification happens after strict summative and formative evaluation of knowledge, skills, trainer’s performance, and professional attitude. Recertification is required every 3 years.

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